Afterschool Programs for Fall 2023-2024

08/21/2023 - 09/20/2023
All Day

The following AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS will be offered in Fall 2023-2024:


SPANISH on Mondays for students in grades K-5th

COOKING on Tuesdays for students in grades 1st-8th

CHESS on Tuesdays for students in grades 1st-8th

BASKETBALL on Wednesdays for students in grades K-6th

CHEER/DANCE on Wednesdays for students in grades K-8th

CODEFU COMPUTER SCIENCE on Thursdays for students in grades K-6th



All programs will begin the week of September 11-15.


For some programs registration is limited due to classroom capacity.
Sign up today to secure your spot!


Please be patient on the first two session dates, as together STA/the program must verify the student registration. STA would prefer students do NOT change clothes for an Afterschool Program:
  • Remember, all K-8 students must go to our CARLINE DISMISSAL from 3:05-3:20 until picked up by a parent or carline ends. Students may not go to the bathrooms to change during this time unless they are accompanied by their parent.
  • Due to SAFE ENVIRONMENT protocols, STA staff and program instructors may not assist any child with changing clothes
  • The enrollment numbers in our Afterschool Programs are typically too large to accommodate students changing in the bathrooms. In addition, there is the potential for lost program time and lost uniform items 😊
  • Parents are asked to come assist their child if they do prefer to have them change clothes.