Halloween Dress Options 10-29-2021

8:00 am - 3:05 pm

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Halloween Costumes


Blue jeans with an appropriate Halloween t-shirt and/or Halloween socks


On Friday, October 29th students may dress in Halloween costumes of their choice. Costumes may also include a costume of a Saint, orange and black clothing for the season, or their school uniform. No one may wear a costume or clothing that contradicts the Christian purpose of the school. No costume or action may imply or infer disrespect or abuse toward any person in the school community. There should be no dressing up as a minority, priest, religious, in “drag” or in any costume that suggests alcohol/substance abuse. Costumes/clothing that is tight in fit or short in length is inappropriate. Dressing as a “public school student” is not acceptable. No weapons, plastic or otherwise, are acceptable. Halter-tops, spaghetti straps, and backless shoes are also not acceptable. Masks, wigs and face painting should not be worn. Capes or items that can be torn by accident should be saved for your own activities and may not be worn as well. If you are unsure of whether your costume is acceptable, please bring the costume to the office for approval.