School Closure – Diocese of San Diego Office for Schools Coronavirus Precautionary Measure

03/13/2020 - 06/12/2020
All Day

Dear STA Families,

As of 11:28am on Friday, March 13, 2020, our Bishop has agreed to follow the lead of the SDCOE/San Diego Unified School District. The following is an excerpt from the letter from The Office For Schools. Please read the entire letter by clicking on the blue box below.    


With the information available to us and out of deep concern for you, our families, the Diocese of San Diego is calling for a closure of all its Catholic schools, including preschools, beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. Our timeline going forward will be informed by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, the County Office of Education, and San Diego Health & Human Services Agency.


Click here to read the letter from the Diocese of San Diego Office For Schools


Our plans for this time away from the STA campus are listed below.



You can expect to receive communication in the following ways from the school primarily via:



The principal will email the parents updates are needed.



Teachers will email parents every morning (M-F) between 8am-9am with pertinent classroom information/lessons.  Teachers will be checking emails daily and will respond to questions received. Today, teachers will be sending home a Distance Learning Plan with school work materials.



Both administration and teachers will utilize email and our internal communication system to communicate important messages to parents.



If your child is absent today, please email your teacher to ascertain if you need to pick up work materials.  If you do, our office will be open Monday morning from 8am-9am.  


We will need to work together in order to make this a successful experience for our students. Thank you for your flexibility and patience during this time!



Mr. Mark Sperrazzo, Principal

Mrs. Donna Burton, Assistant Principal