What is your student enrollment?

Answer: Currently there are over 340 students from preschool to 8th grade, with one class per grade.


Do you have aides in your classrooms?

Answer: Yes.  In grades Kindergarten through sixth grade we have an aide in the classroom.


Do you have a dedicated teacher for your specialized curriculum areas?

Answer: Yes.  While other schools rely on the classroom teacher to teach all the content areas, St. Therese Academy has a dedicated Art teacher, PE teacher, Librarian, Computer teacher, and a Resource teacher on staff!


Do you have a counselor?

Answer: Yes.  We have a counselor who is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) who supports our school families.


Do you have an athletic program?

Answer: Yes. In the fall there is football and girls volleyball for grades 5-8.  During the Winter season there is soccer for grades K-8 and boys Basketball for grades 5-8. And lastly in the spring, there is boys soccer and girls basketball for grades 5-8.