The Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) define for us the spiritual, academic, social and emotional characteristics that a student of St. Therese Academy will work towards, attain, and develop throughout his/her years of attendance.

(updated 9/29/2023)


A St. Therese Academy Student strives to be a person who is:


I.       A Faith-Filled Catholic who:

a.  practices Christian virtues by making good moral judgments

b.  participates in the life of the Church through prayer, liturgies, the Sacraments, and devotions

c.  uses his/her talents by giving service in school, parish, and community

d.  locates and understands Scripture passages



II.      A Life-Long Learner who:

a.  understands the value of Fine Arts

b.  implements technology to enhance learning

c.  puts forth effort to achieve academic potential

d.  uses critical thinking skills to solve problems

e.  develops spiritually, mentally, and physically



III.     An Effective Communicator who:

a.  expresses clear written and oral ideas respectfully

b.  applies the skills of an active listener

c.  articulates beliefs and opinions respectfully and with conviction

d.  demonstrates respect and courtesy appropriately at all times



IV.     A Responsible Individual who:

a.  strives to live a healthy lifestyle

b.  understands varying points of view and cultural differences

c.  accepts challenges and pursues goals

d.  analyzes options when making choices

e.  participates appropriately when working independently and collaboratively


Click here to download the SLEs


Each school day at 8:00 a.m., grades K-8 gather for Morning Assembly. Parents are invited to join us! We participate in The Pledge of Allegiance, share announcements, and spend time in prayer. For those of you who wish to learn our morning prayers and pledge, click the link below:

Click here to view our morning prayers and The Pledge of Allegiance